2018 Media Credential Request

Thank you for your interest in the Dunamis Super Meet to be held February 8-11, 2018 at the Lakepoint Champions Center in Emerson, GA.

Media seeking credentials to cover the event are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Credentials are granted to authorized working media representatives only. Passes are not transferable.


Requests should be emailed to NSAF Media Steward, Fred Steier at media@nationalscholastic.org no later than Wednesday, February 5, 2018 (5 p.m. Eastern Time) to receive consideration. The e-mail should contain the following information:

Media Organization Type:

  1. Media (print media, website filing written reports and still photography, radio).
  2. Still photographer

Website: name and web address

Media Organization’s Primary Contact:

  1. Name, title, email
  2. Office phone, fax and mobile phone #'s

Name of Person Requesting Accreditation:

  1. Function
  2. Days covering the event


Working space and credentials will be allotted based on the following priority guidelines:

  1. Daily newspapers covering for next-day publication (based on circulation)
  2. Wire services and national publications
  3. NSAF web site partners
  4. Radio and television personnel reporting on the event
  5. Web site reporters with a primary focus on athletics, specifically track and field
  6. Non-daily newspapers or publications reporting on the event


Confirmation of Credentials

All applicants will receive an email confirming or denying their application within two (2) weeks of receipt.


Commercial Still Photography

The National Scholastic Athletics Foundation, Inc. prohibits the sale of photographs from its events, and will not credential any photographers whose photos will be used for any purpose other than media coverage.


Credentials can be picked up at the main entrance to the LakePoint Champions Center as follows:

Wednesday, February 7, 3:00 pm–8:00 pm

Thursday, February 8, 9:00 am-7:00 pm

Friday, February 9, 9:00 am–7:00 pm

Saturday, February 10, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sunday, February 11, 8:00 am – conclusion of the meet

Media must present a photo ID in order to receive credentials.

Media Entrance: All media should check in the with the NSAF Media Director, Fred Steier at the LakePoint Champions Center press area when arriving at the track.

Terms and Conditions

Media Credential(s) is/are issued to an accredited organization ("Accredited Organization") for the purpose of providing event access to a designated individual (the "Bearer") who is providing media service and/or legitimate journalistic functions in connection with the Dunamis Super Meet (the "Event").

Media Credentials are non-transferable and can only be used by the Accredited Organization or the Bearer, and only for news and editorial coverage of the Event.

Bearers of Media Credentials may access all areas of the stadium, except the infield. Photographers have on-field access as indicated by the designation on their credentials.


Video Recording and Webcasting

Except as otherwise authorized in writing by event management, no video recording device shall be allowed in the stands of facility, or in any area with sight lines of the track and/or field of competition, unless such permission has been specifically granted. Except as otherwise authorized in writing by event management, no videotaping, broadcast - real-time or delayed, or webcast is permitted for commercial purposes.


Violation of any of the above conditions, including improper or unauthorized entry into restricted areas, may result in revocation of credentials for the Event and barring of the Bearer or Accredited Organization from future NSAF events. Restricted areas shall include, but are not limited to: The Competition Field.

The Accredited Organization and the Bearer assume all risks incident to attending the Event. The Accredited Organization and the Bearer hereby release the National Scholastic Athletics Foundation, Inc. from, any and all loss, cost, damages, settlement, fine or expense, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs of suit, arising from any claim, action, government procedure, or suit arising out of the Event.

Further, the Accredited Organization and the Bearer hereby agree that the National Scholastic Athletics Foundation, Inc. shall not be liable for any indirect, special, consequential, exemplary or incidental damages.

The Accredited Organization assumes all risks and liabilities for the actions of all those individuals bearing credentials under its organizational name. Furthermore, the Accredited Organization offers assurances that individuals bearing credentials under its name have undergone background security screening or otherwise pose no reasonable security risk to athletes, event organizers, or any other persons at the 2018 Atlanta Dunamis Super Meet.


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